How Many Shoes To Take?

I am on travel currently in the Bay Area and I decided to put this minimalist idea to the test. I didn’t actually bring fewer things however I brought a smaller bag.

This is a major shift for me from my 4-wheel drive automatic-closet. While traveling I decided to stock-up on shoes, nighties, and graphic Tees. I also picked up a few extra items.

I won’t bore y’all with the details but let’s just say, in addition to the three pairs of spectacular shoes I brought with me I was also able to squeeze an extra five:

  • Mischa Badgley sandals
  • Baretrap sandels in Black
  • Black loafers with golden accent
  • ANN Klein sport flats
  • And value Black strapped sandals

All for a whopping price of $221 (Macy’s VIP sale).

I don’t know about you but, am felling pretty awesome right now.

What’s in your suitcases? How many pairs of shoes does your trip typically require? Do you bring a pair for every outfit? What’s your approach to tackling your shoe addiction?

More great post to come on #BLWOWHTR

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